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Why Laser Facelift?

The Laser Assisted Facelift blends minimally invasive laser lipolysis (use of a special fiber laser that targets collagen, fat and water to emulsify and melt fat as well as sever and tighten loose collagen bands under the skin) with traditional surgical facelift techniques.

Dr. Holcomb co-developed the AccuLift™ procedure that is also known as laser assisted facial contouring (LAFC) when used to sculpt the lower face or as laser assisted neck contouring (LANC) when used to sculpt the area under the chin and the neck. He unveiled the minimally invasive face and neck contouring procedure which was also described as the 30 Minute Facelift on CBS’ Award Winning Television Show The Doctors in 2011.

After witnessing the benefits of the laser assisted minimally invasive contouring procedure Dr. Holcomb incorporated the technique into surgical rejuvenation of the aging face (facelift surgery). He found several key benefits compared to how things had previously been done:

1. After laser lipolysis the emulsified fatty tissue is much easier to remove therefore much smaller instruments are needed to remove the fat (see comparison photo below):

PHOTO – will provide

2. In his peer reviewed article regarding outcomes for several hundred laser assisted facelift patients Dr. Holcomb found that a significant percentage of patients were able to avoid placement of an incision under the chin – presumably because the laser assisted neck contouring procedure was very effective and the neck muscles (platysma) did not require tightening in this area.

3. Reduced bruising in laser treatment areas (lower face and neck).

Dr. Holcomb’s peer reviewed publications regarding laser lipolysis in the face and neck include:

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